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The CAA referred to us as a potential BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) candidate in their latest newsletter! This is super exciting for us because BVLOS means we can fly our drones outside where people can see the drone. In New Zealand, without special permission, you are not allowed to fly drones where the pilot can't see them.

The beginnings of our journey to BVLOS started with us earning our part 102 certification. Currently, we have approval to fly up to 30km from the pilot, but a trained spotter must be able to see the drone (e.g. on a boat). Getting beyond the visual line of sight restrictions is not an easy achievement. We are stoked to have the opportunity to work with the CAA to prove we can operate safely and work towards this approval.

In order to effectively track the Māui dolphins, we need BVLOS to fly far offshore, survey their entire habitat and collect data on the dolphins and their behaviours.

Check out the article below or get access to the full publication here.

Our photo is being used on page three of the CAA's Spring 2021 Vector Magazine.

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