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Help us find marine mammals with the new Sea Spotter app!

MAUI63 has created an awesome new app for finding dolphins called Sea Spotter. This app has been made in collaboration with WWF, Microsoft, Christchurch City Council, DOC and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

You can now help us to create an extensive data set on New Zealand's marine mammals, like the Māui dolphin, by snapping a photo of a marine mammal you encountered. We'll then use our AI programs to tell you what marine mammal you spotted and log them into the database to assist in more scientific research.

By contributing you'll become a Citizen Scientist. Citizen science involves a community engaging in scientific research! As a community, we can help collect more information on New Zealand marine mammals to help protect them from any threats to their habitats.

A recent story showing the idea and development of Sea Spotter.

The more data we get from your discoveries, the more we can learn about marine mammals in New Zealand! This can help find and protect endangered species and marine wildlife while showing you where there have been other sightings close by too!

Get the new app from the App Store, Google Play or by visiting the Sea Spotter website.

Taking some photos of dolphins using the app.

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