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Unique Fin Identification - Collaborating with Aware Group!

We have had some recent help on our mission from Kane O'Donnell and the Aware Group. They've helped us develop a "facial recognition algorithm" with artificial intelligence to help recognise and gather information on individual dolphins!

If we can get this system into production we'll be able to gather richer data on Māui dolphin's behaviour. We're looking forward to future collaboration to enhance the way we gather and provide insight into data.

A sneak preview of the Māui dolphin fins we used to train our models.

We still need your help!

To ensure we have accurate results we need to obtain enough data. If you notice one of these rare dolphins next time you're out on the beach, don't forget to try to get a photo of it if you can and send it to the Department of Conservation (DOC). Check out the apps.

If you know anyone or have a bunch of marine mammal data, especially Māui or Hector dolphins, please get in touch.

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