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Teaming up with WWF

We teamed up with WWF to help us get moving on the funding front and get introduced to all the people in their network that wanted to help their beloved Māui dolphins.

WWF agreed, once we know where they are and where they travel, we can protect our taonga from extinction. They wanted to support our technology and clever thinking to stop the only population of the world’s rarest dolphin from dropping below 63 animals.

WWF New Zealand created a campaign for us #teamMaui asking New Zealanders to join the team and donate to buy the dolphins a drone for Christmas raising over $50,000. Thanks Aotearoa New Zealand!

WWF’s partnership and introductions to the Ministry for Primary Industries, Sanford & Moana have been vital to this project and our success to date.

We even made the news, you can check out the different articles below:


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