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Pilot Training

We wanted to start flying the CW-20 for flight testing ourselves, but flying one of these drones isn’t quite as easy as picking up a DJI controller. We had to send Hayley & Tane to visit JOUAV and attend an intensive 16-day training program.

This included learning all about the drones, safety checks, how to set them up and how to run the software. Not to mention all the aviation knowledge and parameters required for everything. Looks like Hayley found a dolphin...

All our pilots had to get spec’d up on the New Zealand aviation code. In particular, the Type 102 rules for flying drones above and beyond the type 101 law for everyone else. Did you know you are not legally allowed to fly at night? or when you cannot see the drone? or fly anything over 25kg in weight? For this you need a special license and approval from CAA New Zealand.

Getting approval to fly long distance over the ocean is not straight forward. There is a lot of risk and a lot of things that could go wrong that need to be managed to ensure no person or animal is in danger. Health & Safety is key to getting MAUI63 off the ground.

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