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AI for the Environment in Aotearoa!

The AI Forum has recently created a report on how artificial intelligence can affect the environment in New Zealand. They have also used us as a case study and example of how AI can assist the recovery and preservation of biodiversity! Our AI helps to track the behavioural patterns and territories, monitoring these behaviours more frequently and helping provide the right people with the correct data to make informed protection decisions.

The report also touches on how the AI field has been shaped and the challenges with the technology in its current development. It also states the benefits AI has on monitoring our environmental changes with issues such as climate change heavily affecting our land. There is a vast area for opportunities with the development of AI technologies. The data that is monitored from these ecosystems helps find accurate strategies to combat the environmental issues New Zealand faces in its current climate.

AI technologies in Aotearoa also take an inclusive approach in incorporating data from Māori data practices and culture. AI Technologies are beginning to follow an ethical and cultural practice in data surveying, and guidelines are in place to treat this information as a taonga. Including these practices and developing relationships within the community creates mahi tahi, which is a collaborative and inclusive workplace for all.

There are also recommendations on overcoming the challenges and achieving the goals that will create a more sustainable Aotearoa. We are excited to adopt these recommendations into our practices at MAUI63. We are privileged to be used as an example of an organisation that helps protect our environment through data and surveying. To read more view the full report.

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