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We Joined the AITP Program!

At MAUI63, we are on a mission to save the world's most endangered dolphin through data collection and artificial intelligence. Our mission is being accelerated with our latest approval of joining the AITP program (Airspace Integration Trials).

AITP assists in advancing innovative aircraft certification and partnerships through testing and development, enabling advancements in unmanned aircraft technology throughout Aoteroa. Airspace refers to the air available for our drones to safely fly in, and then this is then integrated through the program while following New Zealand's Civil Aviation Rules.

Our participation in the program allows for reduced costs in our flights and a prominent focus on our operations and progress with the Civil Aviation Authority. AITP allows us to have faster access to CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and the approvals we need. The CAA helps keep our skies safe through certifications, rules, and airspace management. AITP also gives us the opportunity to share our research and development of our current data and technology while learning and working with others in the program through shared goals.

This program supports our progress to fly beyond the visual line of sight (or BVLOS). BVLOS flying involves the operation of our drone outside the usual visible range of the pilot, meaning we can collect more data on the dolphins and their habits than within the typical visual range.

OneReg has also joined the AITP Program with us! OneReg is a company dedicated to improving the aviation industry through optimising interfaces between aviation businesses and the CAA. We are one of those businesses that will collaborate with OneReg for our CAA processes!

You can check out the full media release of us here on the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment's website.

Working on the drone before flight.

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