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The Prime Minister came to our launch event!

You may have been wondering where we got our funding from? It’s official now as our PM Jacinda came to announce we have had funding from MPI, Sanford & Moana to help pull this project together.

We’re extremely grateful for the funding so that we can keep moving forward with developing, testing and implementing this technology. Here's our new launch video:

"The government is contributing more than half a million dollars to this project through the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund, as well as time from the team in Fisheries New Zealand, to enable further testing and validation of the technology that MAUI63 has developed. Ecologists are increasingly using drones to gather data, from assessing penguin population numbers in inaccessible areas of Antarctica to surveying elephants in the African plains. The technology is improving all the time, and we’re excited about its potential to drive improvements in how we fish and how we manage and regulate the fishing industry." - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

We we’re pretty happy with the turn out, you can read all about the launch in the below media links:

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