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The new drone arrived!

After about 2 years of fundraising and R&D our new drone finally arrived. It even passed its CAA inspection and is flight ready. Check out our first lift off:

This new drone has our AI running on board and can find and track dolphins. We have worked with the manufacture to interface the AI with the autopilot system which allows the drone to chase dolphin detections if the pilot approves – we can’t have AI powered drones running off doing what they want without human supervision quite yet... 😊.

Our drone has 50x optical zoom so we can fly as high as we need, it can fly for up to 6 hours at a time and at a speed of 140kmh. This will allow us to survey really large parts of the ocean per flight.

We’ve added a whole lot of safety features like ADS-B, painted it bright orange and special aviation lights so other aircrafts can see us, and we can see them.

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