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The first glimpse at our new platform provided by RUSH – R/Vision

We needed a way to display the data we were capturing; to show the locations of the dolphins, and the images associated with them. We also needed a platform that anyone can easily access as our mission is to make this data publicly available to anyone who needs it.

R/Vision is a computer vision product developed at RUSH which streamlines manual tasks by training computers to take digital images from cameras and videos, identify and classify objects. It also has an amazing interface that allows users to interact with this data.

The data can also be accessed systematically which allows government, fishers, and scientists to build their own tools and display and consume these data how they would like. For example, showing recent sightings of Māui dolphins on a fishing vessel, surveying for coastal sharks or working out where seabirds are foraging.

Danu (RUSH Founder) & Tane even took the R/vision product with example data and spoke about it at the New Zealand AI Show – AI for good. You can see the full presentation here:

RUSH & MAUI63 share the same vision of making this data fully accessible to everyone forever. We don’t want to own it; we want anyone who needs it to be able to access it so informed, data driven decisions can be made by smart people.

If you’re keen to read more about the RUSH & MAUI63 story, check out this article from Newsroom and Nikki Mandow: Drones, Deep Learning, And Saving Māui Dolphins | Newsroom

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